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For over half a century, the foundation of Bert Baxter Transport Ltd. has rested firmly on the pillar of exceptional service. Within this legacy, BBT Enviro Containment proudly stands as a distinguished division. As we stride into the 21st century, our unwavering commitment remains unchanged – to provide exemplary service to our valued customers. We envision a future where our dedication to service not only endures but flourishes. We are resolved to achieve this vision through a continuous process of expansion and enhancement, diligently upgrading all aspects of our services. Our aspiration is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients as we navigate the evolving landscape of the modern era.

BBT Enviro Containment

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BBT Enviro Containment started with the goal of making secondary containments easier and faster to setup and take down. Our U.S. & Canadian Patented Panel design allows infinite configurations and draws it’s strength from gravity combined with a unique locking system. All created from thermally stabilized 100% recycled Polyethylene based products.